You will get:
✔️Weekly Healthy Recipe PDF.
✔️Grocery Shopping List.
✔️Weekly Live Healthy Cooking Class.
✔️Weekly Live Nutrition and Wellness Coaching
✔️Facebook Group Community Support - Daily affirmations and encouragement, Check-ins, etc.

Do You Want to?

Lose/Maintain Weight. 

Eat the right food that is good for your health.

Learn new and exciting healthy recipes every week (NO MORE BLAND).

Build and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Make (the right) food your medicine.

Begin to go up and down the stairs as you have always wanted to!

Master the secret art of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.

Take back your life!

Have more confidence in making daily healthy food choices.


Easily Eat Healthier Without Overwhelm...
With my little help, you cook yourself healthy!

I know this may sound crazy because cooking will "add" more work to your endless, exhausting, responsibilities - homeschooling, childcare, laundry, and folding, house cleaning, dishwashing, etc.,
But in reality, cooking can lessen your exhaustion.

This is Because cooking and eating the right foods allows you to nourish your body and soul.
Nourishing your body and soul will keep you sane! And everyday is an opportunity to do this.

When you join me inside CYH Community, you will learn how to cook up to 60 healthy meals!

First of all,
I know your plate is full.
Sis, I see you.
I feel you.
Please know that you are doing a great job.
But I also know that the most important thing at this time is to prioritize your health and eat right.
This is Why I Want to Help!

I will show you how to make every meal count because it has to, especially with the world upside down. 

I will help you to stay healthy and strong for yourself, so you can then happily serve yourself and others.

You cannot run on empty gas, nor can you give what you don't have.

The COVID-19 is (still) taking an unequal toll on vulnerable population. This virus is merciless, and does not discriminate; we cannot diminish the havoc it is wreaking. Aren't you worried that it is more than half of the year, and Coronavirus is still here, and there is still no vaccine!

Heart-disease, which is the number 1 killer of women, remains an active threat to all ladies.

Still, very sadly,
The consumption of unhealthy foods during this period has drastically skyrocketed due to many reasons, including stress, restriction/lockdown. While the most natural things to eat when stressed are unhealthy comfort foods and snacks, I will like to show some healthy, healing, nourishing, and equally comforting foods. 

Are you ready? Let's do this!

Frequent Unhealthy Eating Can Cause:

Obesity (we all know that), 

Several chronic conditions such as:

Cardiovascular diseases, 

High blood pressure, 

Diabetes, and,

Certain cancers. 

Ultimately could cause untimely loss of life. 

Sadly, even people that are "physically fit" can suffer the consequences of bad food if they continue to make bad food choices.

Healthy Eating, on the other hand, is credited with

Healthy weight, 

Longer, and happy life. 

Excellent heart health, 

Strong bones, 

Reduced cancer risk, 

High blood pressure risk or prevention ,

 Stroke prevention, 

Improved memory, and 

Fantastic gut health. Plus, plenty of other benefits.

What is the single MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do right now?
 The most crucial thing to do right now would be to nourish your body so it can support and protect itself.

Sadly, we can not control the coronavirus, but we can support our immune system through healthy nutrition.
It is no longer News that prioritizing healthy meals will help the body protect itself from sickness and diseases. A job famously done by the body's immune system.

With Cook Yourself Healthy (CYH) Program, healthy online cooking classes will be one of my tools to help you become self-reliant. In terms of providing your body with the right nutrition. You will learn delicious, easy-to-make, and nutritious recipes. Alongside that, I will provide weekly nutrition and wellness coaching, all geared towards helping you to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle change that outlasts the pandemic.


I firmly believe that healthy meals are also supposed to be yummy; this makes you want to eat it all the time. Pardon me, but I do not identify with "bland" healthy recipes.

Easy to Make.

Gone are the days when men and women take pride in staying hours in the kitchen; just to make some meal that would be gone in another hour. I want you to snap your fingers, and your meals are ready! Unless batch cooking, 20 - 30 minutes is a good amount of time for a fabulous lunch/dinner.


Never EVER substitute nutrient-dense food for empty CALORIES any day, any time! Foods that are rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients will keep you healthy and nourished. And in this program, our recipes will focus on those foods, because your health is my priority.

Healthy Lifestyle.

The foundation of every lifestyle change starts with nutrition and wellness...
Inside the Cook Yourself Healthy Community, I will provide you with weekly nutrition and wellness coaching to help you build and sustain a healthy lifestyle change.
So, if healthy eating/lifestyle change is part of your goal (as it should be because HEALTH IS WEALTH), especially as this merciless virus threatens us...

Click the link below and JOIN Cook Yourself Healthy now.

Healthy Living is a gift that keeps giving.

  • Learn how to cook, not 1 but 60+ healthy recipes, and change your life FOREVER!
  • Join a community of healthy lifestyle enthusiasts; and stay encouraged on this journey.
  • Lose weight without stress and overwhelm!
  • Join our Weekly nutrition and wellness coaching live calls.
  • I will get to see, support, and celebrate your wins.

Cook Yourself Healthy is what you need to stay healthy and happy. This program means that you are not alone, and we are in this together! 

"But Kechi, I don't have time to cook."
"But, Kechi, it is cheaper when I order, plus I don't have to waste time cooking..."
"But Kechi, I have picky eaters."
I get it.
First, in this program, we are focusing on easy-to-make meals, so you can save time and concentrate on the things that matter.

Second, it is way cheaper for you to cook your meals than frequent restaurant takeouts. It also saves you the headache of falling ill from bad food, because you can only guarantee the quality of the food you make.

Third, most of my recipes are children-approved; this means that most picky eaters would give them a go, without no qualms!
And, remember, I am here with you, that means you can request a particular recipe from time to time!

Check out These Candid Statements from some of the  ladies inside the CYH Community.
Cindy also mentions that her grandkids loved all the recipes! 

I am ever grateful for busy working moms like Oyidiya with picky eaters, who allow me to show them how easy healthy eating can be... EVEN WITH PICKY EATERS!

“I came into 2019 with a determination to eat healthier. It has not been easy as a working lady, mother, and wife. Most days it was easier eating out or grabbing any available stuff, which unfortunately isn’t that healthy. Gladly, I joined Kechi’s Kitchen, and it motivated me to cook more often due to her quick and easy-to-make recipes. Menus that take less than 30 minutes, ingredients that are already available in my pantry are in use more regularly.
I have learned nutritional information relating to the food that I eat, and I look at foods differently. I have cooked, and loved most of Kechi's recipes; the entrees, the  smoothies, the snacks, frozen yogurt treats, soups, and rice. The list is long, and these recipes have won the heart of my picky eater.
I highly recommend her recipes; get cooking and expand your food knowledge. 

Need I say more? My food goals are back on track all thanks to Kechi’s Kitchen!”  

Oyidiya Oyeoku
(Social Worker)

Cook Yourself Healthy is much more than just cooking and sharing recipes. I genuinely want you to prosper in good health and wealth... Nabisubi, one of my foremost community member, breaks it down:

"First, let me say that I would encourage everyone to join this wonderful community. It is full of caring, supportive people, which is no surprise considering who the founder is. Kechi gives 100% no matter what she does, and this community is no different.
What I love is that she has found a way to present cooking in a way that is not intimidating and achievable for everyone, including busy professionals. Through her recipes and cooking demonstrations, she shows that there is always time for a healthy, delicious meal.
Best of all, by bringing her Nigerian background to the mix, she can take any recipe and make it unique with her Afro-fusion touch. No matter if you’re looking for a great breakfast, lunch, or dinner idea she has you covered. Don’t even get me started on desserts! Have you tried her Frozen Yogurt Oat Bar with Blueberry swirl? Just one word, yummy!
From her inspirational books (I have purchased all of them) to her affordable coaching and consulting, you will be delightfully satisfied with her services. If you are ready to make a positive difference in your health and your life, then let me be the first to say welcome.”

Nabisubi Musoke
Attorney, Credit Repair Specialist.

Jerri's experience after joining one of my programs was simply mind-blowing! Yes, indeed, she sure called my community a "miracle Territory."

In 2018, I faced a lot of health challenges, and I had to do a complete 360 from my then "healthy lifestyle."

 At that time, I was focused on superficial beauty, meaning I was eating food with barely enough healthy nutrients just to be and look a certain way.

That didn't go so well.

These days, I focus on health from the inside out!
The truth is that,
The decision and responsibility to eat healthier is on you.
You have the final say in matters regarding your life. Unless you are a child, this decision is fully on you.


If you have been struggling with eating healthier, and you desire to get on the right track, then, I can help you.
Because I have been there.
And I know first hand that,

Health is Wealth!

My Mission now is Help You...

Since learning about this unplanned global pandemic - coronavirus, I have been thinking about ways that I can help.  
Currently, there is neither cure nor vaccine.
In America alone, more than 135, 000 people have died.
And this virus is yet to slow down, complicated with inadequate Medical equipment and PPEs. This whole situation is scary.
In some cases, and, in some places, the health workers are left to make the anxiety-filled ultimate decision of who gets the last ventilator.  
Factually, we cannot control this virus; but, we can at least support our immune system with health-improving Nutrition.
I will like to help by sharing and showing you the right recipes that your body needs (in my cooking class of course).
So you can at least stay hale and hearty.

Here are some of the Things you will Get when you Become part of CYH.

Downloadable Weekly recipe pdf (this will feature the star meal of the week)

Saturday cooking class (featuring our star meal)

Access to a private Facebook group for the live cooking classes, replays, and daily community support. 

Cook along every Saturday; practice makes perfect.

Access to the replay.

Weekly Nutrition and wellness coaching.

Weekly Q&As.

Access to me (your instructor), inside the FB community.

Learn the kinds of food to prioritize at this time and those to avoid.

Get support for your healthy lifestyle journey, and stay committed.

Learn how to cook up to 60 healthy recipes at the price of one.

Request a recipe + more!

Our Current 6-Month Recipe Plan Overview:

Month one: Immune-boosting Recipes.

Month Two: Anti-inflammatory foods.

Month Three: Healthy energy-giving recipes

Month four: Heart Health

Month five: Bone health

Month six: Gut Health

What does this Ridiculously Cheap Price Mean?

1 year worth of cooking class (at $47.00 per monthly) = $564.00

1 year worth of Nutrition and Wellness group Coaching (at $57.00 per month) = $684.00

Total = $1,248

Today you pay $1 USD

My reason for drastically reducing my price is because of the season we are in,
Tons of people are now without income due to coronavirus. I know that with this program people can learn how to make every food count!
This is my way of giving back to the community and helping people become healthier and happier even in the face of a global coronavirus pandemic.
This price will not last forever, it ends soon.

If you are tired of figuring out this "healthy eating/lifestyle thing" by yourself, then you do need the support of CYH Community because community is power! This entire package is currently very cheap!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this price a monthly membership?
Yes, it is,
But you can join today for the next 30 days for only $1 USD.

What is annual price?

$228.00 is a DISCOUNTED ANNUAL price for Cook Yourself Healthy, with this price you will receive my weekly cooking classes at no other cost for the next 52 weeks, as well as community support, Q&A, Nutrition and Wellness coaching, etc. This is a Lifetime price for an entire year!

Am I going to download cooking videos after I make a payment?
No, after processing your payment, you should see your receipt/invoice. Then you will get an email from me with a link to join Cook Yourself Healthy Facebook Community. That is where the magic happens...
You will have access to all the materials and replays from previous weeks. I go live every Saturday to teach how to cook the recipe of the week. And you equally get daily support from me.

I may not be available on Saturday to learn during the cooking class session.
There will always be replays at your disposal inside the Facebook community.

How do I know the ingredients of the food you will be cooking.
Watch out for task Tuesday inside the community for recipe PDF of the recipe of the week. This pdf will contain both the list of ingredients and instructions; this way, you can buy the ingredients ahead of time, so you can easily follow along on Saturday.

The testimonials, examples, and photos used are of actual clients and results they personally achieved with my programs/recipes. They are not intended to guarantee that you will achieve the same results; rather, these testimonials represent what is possible for illustrative purposes only. Results differ depending on your circumstances; at the end of the day, you are responsible for your actions and outcomes. Refrain from purchasing this program if you do not agree with this disclaimer.